Frequently asked questions

Care Instructions

For best results, please wash your CYA tights cold by hand. Short in time and not a fan of washing by hand? Put them in a washing bag and wash them on a cold cycle in your washing machine. Use only  gentle detergents that are less harmful to the environment.

Size Chart 

Unsure which size to get? Have a look here. Still unsure, drop us a line, maybe we can help 


Why do you donate 10% to charities?

We proudly donate 10% of profits to animal charities. We believe, all living beings have the right to live a peaceful life on this earth. Unfortunately, some humans are greedy beyond words and won't stop exploiting nature and its inhabitants until all habitats are destroyed, resources depleted, and species killed to extinction. It is not always possible to actively partake in measures to protect threatened species or their habitat due to time restrictions or lack of vital skills. But what we can do, is to support the organisations that are trained and specialised in fighting those culprits.  Why 10%? We hope to be able to donate more at some point in future. Until then, we strongly believe, that 10% can make a difference.