Our story.

Choose Your Animal is a bold mission hatched by its Austrian and Australian co-founders, Ursula and Richard Keane. The husband and wife team launched the sustainable active wear brand to honour Richard's sister, Tanya, who tragically died through suicide. The mission of Choose Your Animal is inspired by Tanya and her spirit, who was a great lover of the environment and animals. The world's habitats are being disastrously exploited by the modern way of life. We strongly believe that all of us can change this—if we choose to. You can make a difference by wearing a sustainable clothing brand that is doing its part to help protect the environment and all its creatures. Choose Your Animal, wear your cause.

Meet our charities.

10% of our profits are donated to registered animal conservation charities we know and trust. The animals featured in our bold prints are exactly the high-risk endangered species that are supported by you when you choose to wear Choose Your Animal. Meet the great organisations we’ve teamed up with to save the world, one sloth at a time.


Fabric you don't need to feel guilty about.

We use recycled polyester for all our products. Recycled polyester requires 75% less water than regular polyester and 50% less than cotton. The more plastic we prevent from ending up in landfills, the ocean and the planet, the better.


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